Deep Learning Box makes a lot of sense

GPU Compute

We use NVIDIA GPU servers at the core of your cluster. With Deep Learning Box, train in minutes instead of days.

Fast, All-Flash Storage

Custom network storage servers provide rapid access to your training and inference data.

HPC Networking

High performance network designs leverages GPU Direct RDMA to accelerate multi-node distributed training and data access.

Deep Learning Software

Our Deep Learning Software stack automatically keeps everything updated and fresh. No need for a dedicated administrator, it is all taken care of.

Delivered Ready to Go

We make it easy for you to just plug the cluster in and start training. We work with you to simplify all aspects of cluster design, purchase and billing.

Faster Response

Enterprise class SLA and support across all aspects of Deep Learning Box hardware and software issues.

End to end solution for your Deep Learning needs

A single service for the full process

We simplify all aspects of planning, purchasing, delivery and support from a single source making the process seamlessly easy.

Optimized Deep Learning Software stack

Our automated Deep Learning Software stack saves you the need for an administrator and keeps the whole eco-system of drivers, frameworks and libraries updated.

Completely customizable

Designed for you

We work with you to design and recommend the optimal solution for your use case.


Each aspect of the hardware and software can be tailored to meet your needs.

Half the price of cloud costs

With a Deep Learning Box solution you can expect to pay almost half of an equivalent cloud computing bill.

No constraints on your tasks

With your own compute you are free to train on use cases which might not be allowed on cloud services.

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